The 2 of Us – by Jon John

Book launch and Film première |
from thursday, 28th apr 2016saturday, 30th apr 2016


Thursday 28th of April 2016
8 PM – 10 PM

Screenings continue:
Friday 29th & Saturday 30th April 2016
1 PM – 7 PM


« I believe that the action of love remains one of the few accessible ecstatic rituals in our disposable society.
This ritual is communal alchemy, I don t perform for audiences but rather engage witnesses that become co-creators, my lovers.
Through altered state of consciousness I transcend my spoken vocabulary, to share my hidden secrets of love, life and loss.
Flesh, skin and blood are my palette to takes you on a journey from tenderness to brutality via beauty and decay.
This is The 2 of us »

Jon John