alex binnie – boned

solo exhibition | Mr Death and the tattooed lady, screenprints.
from friday, 2nd may 2008sunday, 25th may 2008

‘Boned’ is a series of hand printed screen prints and drawings that explore the theme of Death and the Maiden (Eros and Thanatos) exploring the polar drives pushing and pulling us between desire and horror. Alex is influenced by 15th century wood cuts, Shunga prints and Manga; he uses humour and pathos and creates stunning and ornate hand crafted images that are disturbing and erotic.

Alex Binnie was born in 1959, he is a Fine Art graduate of South Glamorgan college. His creative career began as a medical illustrator but he is best known as a tattoo artist. He began tattooing in 1988 and is now world renowned, Alex’s progressive ideas and large scale designs have been hugely influential. Alex was a pioneer of the concept of bespoke tattooing and has a waiting list of several months for an appointment; he has two tattoo studios in the UK, one in London, the other in Brighton.